I can tailor classes for specific events,  groups and organizations.   Below are a few workshops I have facilitated in the past:


 Intro to BDSM,  For newbies there are so many questions about the mysterious world of BDSM.  Isn’t it dangerous? Can it cross over to abuse? How do you know if you are a top or a bottom, or a dominant or submissive? What the heck is a top or bottom anyway? We’ll discuss topics such as where you find a BDSM community, how to comport yourself in the community, how to explore this wold safely, what books and resources are out there and the risks involved. This is your chance to ask all the questions you’ve had nobody to ask in a safe and fun environment.


Leather service, care and play Learn proper methods of service, repair and of course worship to Master Avery’s standards.  Also learn how to spice up leather role play.